Allergy & Asthma Specialists Educational Foundation

Asthma and allergy education, treatments and updates matter to all of us. So we formed a non-profit educational foundation – sponsoring an annual Breathe Conference for physicians and nurses, along with educational programs and materials for the general public.

You can reach the Foundation at [email protected] or 610-825-5800, ext. 1118.

Leading-edge allergy and asthma research

To support our deep commitment to patient care, we created a research department in 1998, working with several international pharmaceutical companies on the efficacy and safety of improved allergy and asthma drugs in over 150 clinical research trials. Our dedication to research keeps us on the forefront of the most advanced medications available.

Ann Schwartz, RN, is the clinical coordinator who heads up our research group. She partners with pharmaceutical companies to coordinate protocol details, selects appropriate patients for each research project and carefully guides each patient through the study.

Patients and non-patients are welcome to participate in these ongoing studies. Once enrolled, they are compensated for their time and have access to study-related physician examinations and medications, free of charge.

If you’re interested in participating in a research study, please contact Ann Schwartz at [email protected] or 610-825-5800, ext. 1110.