New Patients

What to Expect at Allergy & Asthma Specialists

Welcome! Thanks for the opportunity to offer you unmatched allergy and asthma care. We look forward to meeting you and treating your specific issue. Here’s how to get started.


Phone: 800.862.6844

Fax: 610.397.0980

1. Make an appointment

Appointments for all eight locations can be made online or by calling 800-862-6844, ext. 2, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Our scheduler will contact you during business hours to confirm your appointment.

2. Complete new patient forms

When you set up your appointment, our scheduler will also tell you how to access your new patient packet. (See new patient forms)

3. What to bring to your appointment

  • Completed new patient forms
  • List of medications currently being taken
  • List of known allergies
  • Results of previous tests, if applicable
  • Health insurance card and photo identification

4. What to expect from allergy skin testing

No needles are used to test for allergens, such as grasses, trees, weeds, mold, dust mites and foods. After applying a drop of allergen to a plastic applicator, we brush the applicator tip on your skin – usually your back. Most patients say the procedure either tickles or they don’t feel anything. A few tell us that it tingles or feels like a tiny prick. About 20 minutes later, our nurse reads the results by looking at how many hives develop on your skin. As the hives develop, you could experience some itching and burning. The hives’ size and redness help which allergens are causing your allergic reaction. After your results are documented, lotion is applied to your skin to alleviate any itching. (Read more about allergy skin testing)

5. What we’ll ask you

  • What are your main symptoms and how long have you had them?
  • What were you doing when your symptoms began?
  • Have you had this problem in the past?
  • What was the diagnosis and how was it treated?
  • What activities related to sports, work or lifestyle make your symptoms better or worse?
  • What home treatment measures have you tried? Did they help?
  • What nonprescription medications have you taken? Did they help?

6. Where to learn more

Why See a Board-Certified Allergist?

Translation Services:

At Allergy & Asthma Specialists, we are committed to ensuring access to our services for patients who have limited English proficiency, are deaf or hard of hearing, are blind (or have low vision), or have service animals.

Allergy & Asthma Specialists partners with qualified language services vendors to ensure every patient we serve can effectively communicate with care providers and can easily access care-related information. To ensure effective patient-provider communications, our patients, their companions, healthcare providers, and staff have access to tools that facilitate diverse language solutions and positively impact healthcare in more than 150 languages and dialects.