Preparing for Your Visit

Insurance & Patient Investment

Allergy & Asthma Specialists (part of Family Allergy & Asthma) accepts most major health insurance plans and networks in the areas we serve. Certain plans may not cover all of our services or may have referral requirements that are the responsibility of the patient. Please check with your insurance carrier to determine if we are in-network and if there are any referral requirements for your visit.

Any co-payments for your specific plan will be collected during your visit. Based on your insurance, you may be responsible for the cost of some or all of the services performed. In these instances, we request a portion of the payment at the start of the appointment. The anticipated cost of your initial visit, including allergy and asthma testing, can range from $200 – $1,300. Testing is done on an individualized basis so costs can vary significantly.

For those without insurance or with high-deductible health plans, we gladly offer payment plans. For the most up-to-date information about the plans we accept or to discuss financing options, please call 1-800-862-6844.


Patients scheduled for allergy testing must stop taking certain medications prior to their visit, some examples are listed below. If you are unclear regarding a certain medication, either ask your pharmacist or contact our office. Below are some examples, but please click here for the full list.

Stop 5 Days Prior to Testing:

  • Prescription-strength antihistamines should be stopped five days prior to testing (eg. Allegra, Zyrtec, Claritin)

Stop 3 Days Prior to Testing

  • Other antihistamines (eg. Benadryl)
  • Over-the-counter allergy, cough and cold, or sinus medications (eg. Tylenol Cold and Sinus)
  • Certain prescription and over-the-counter heartburn medicines (eg. Zantac, Pepcid – Nexium and Prilosec are OK)
  • Some prescription sleep-aids or antidepressants (eg. Elavil, nortriptyline)
  • Do NOT stop taking any asthma inhalers (eg. Advair, albuterol) or pills (eg. Singulair) prior to your visit unless instructed by your physician.
  • Continue taking other routine medications, such as those for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Important Appointment Reminders:

  • Please bring a complete list of ALL current medications you take on a regular or “as-needed” basis. Also, bring your pharmacy information (name and address) to your appointment, as we routinely send prescriptions electronically.
  • Keep in mind that your initial visit will take 2-3 hours. During the testing procedure, we will be using a marking pen on your back and arms. This may cause your shirt to become stained. We suggest you bring an old short-sleeved t-shirt to wear.
  • Some of our patients are sensitive to odors, as perfumes and fragrances can be a trigger for asthma. Therefore, please refrain from wearing perfume, colognes, or scented lotions while in our office.