Basic guidelines for renewing your allergy extract

  • You must see the allergist at least once every 11 months for your allergy extract to be renewed. It is at these visits that the allergist will evaluate your progress and determine if the extract needs to be adjusted.
  • A&AS prescribes and produces three types of allergy immunotherapy extract, subcutaneous for injections (SCIT), sublingual for drops under your tongue (SLIT) and peanut sublingual immunotherapy (P-SLIT)
  • Sublingual immunotherapy extract products (SLIT and P-SLIT) are not covered by insurance.
  • For the renewal extract to be prepared, the balance from your previous extract must be paid.

To renew extract for allergy injections (SCIT)

E-mail Allergy & Asthma Specialists, fax (610-397-0251) or mail (470 Sentry Pkwy East, Blue Bell PA 19422) your allergy injection flow sheet to the extract department. This will begin the renewal process. You will receive a postcard when your extract is ready for pick-up.

To renew extract for allergy sublingual drops (SLIT)

  • Call the billing department at (888) 206-4601, extension 6 to make payment arrangements and begin the renewal process.
  • When ready for pick-up, a notice will be sent through the patient portal. Signing up for the patient portal is the most secure and expedient method to receive patient information. If you are not registered, simply request a temporary access code (token) from any staff member that will be sent to your e-mail address along with instructions on completing your enrollment.

To renew peanut sublingual drops (P-SLIT)

  • Contact the extract department at (888) 206-4601, extension 4.